Totally Connected

Flightbuddy™ doesn’t just inform passengers with timely accurate disruption information. Ground handling, air and cabin crew and the team in flight operations need to be armed with the same information to coordinate and avoid conflicting messages. Using SMS, Email and mobile dashboards, the whole team is equipped with accurate delay information ‘in the hand’ allowing them to organise, react and serve the passenger seamlessly.

Customers THUMB

Flightbuddy’s fail safe business rules engine automatically notifies your passengers with timely, accurate and useful information. Using SMS, email, push notifications, Twitter or in person. Reduce the uncertainty and stress associated with delays and demonstrate to passengers that you care. Turn a negative situation into a positive for your brand. Exceed your passengers’ expectations and set your service apart from the competition.

Gate staff THUMB

Flightbuddy™ gives control of passenger communications back to your customer service team. Deliver branded real time information proactively. Passengers seek out information from multiple sources when delays happen, be a trusted source delivering automatic, semi-automatic or manual notifications to passengers. This will reduce their stress, divert post flight customer service calls and complaints, improve brand image and loyalty.

Ground Crew THUMB

With Flightbuddy™, Station Managers while on the move can access, location or flight specific dashboards, operations area Managers can see overviews in real time of what is happening and how disruptions are affecting performance. Access to reliable information gives these staff members control over the situation and the ability to make critical decisions that will improve efficiency.

flight staff THUMB

With our Crew alert module, flight and cabin crew can be informed of the status of their rostered flights ahead of the passengers allowing for clear communications especially once boarding has taken place. This helps reduce stressful situations and allows cabin crews to cope with passenger’s needs and provide consistent accurate information directly from flight operations.

  • Flightbuddy is an integrated communications platform in the cloud that automatically, semi automatically or manually issues notifications and alerts to passengers when delays, cancellations or other significant events occur.
  • By integrating with the flight management systems real time accurate information is delivered to the passenger, ground and air crew.

  • Improve brand loyalty by reducing passenger stress, use less staff to manage flight disruptions, protect the airline against potential EU261 fines and help airport duty managers prepare by alerting them of flight status changes in advance of the passengers.

  • Flightbuddy is easy to use, with minimal training customer service staff can monitor events, quickly generate outbound passenger alerts and search the logs for any single alert.
  • Flight and Ground Ops can view a real-time dashboard of flight delays and which stations are affected.
  • Customer Service can review reports and search the booking platform from within flightbuddy.

Why Choose Us

      • Peace of Mind with Total Control
      • Minimal IT Involvement
      • Exceptional Customer Support
      • High Capacity for Mass Disruptions