Customer Service Communications

Flightbuddy is a customer services communications platform that automatically alerts passengers of flight delays, cancellations or diversions in multiple languages via SMS and email. Cloud based, it uses real-time flight data easily integrating with the booking system. Flightbuddy is secure reliable and scaled for mass disruptions.

Flightbuddy doesn’t just inform passengers with timely accurate disruption information, ground operations, air and cabin crew and the team in flight operations need to be armed with the same information to coordinate and avoid conflicting messages. Using SMS, Email and mobile dashboards, the whole team is equipped with accurate delay information ‘in the hand’ allowing them to organise, react and serve the passenger seamlessly.

Flightbuddy Features

Flightbuddy is innovative because it integrates the flight information data with the booking engine and automatically issues alerts in multiple languages for Delays, Cancellations, Diversions, Air Turnbacks and Before You Fly emails or SMS.

The Flightbuddy Mobile Dashboard displays exactly how the delay profile looks on a given day.

Accessible from mobile devices staff at any airport can drill down and understand the nature of the delays affecting them allowing them to mobilise and organise.

  • Customer service, Flight and ground ops aware of the overall picture
  • Available in tablet and big screen formats.

Flightbuddy can send SMS, email or both simultaneously to the passenger in their language in which they booked ensuring  the passenger receives time sensitive information promptly but also has a record in their email inbox with refund or rebook links.

You can also add a personalised insurance declaration letter attached as a PDF.

  • Send SMS, email or both using hybrid campaigns
  • Send personalised emails and PDF attachments.

Flightbuddy supports multilingual SMS and email templates, these can be stored in a template library for reuse or assigned to the automated campaigns, airline service staff can create and modify easily and design HTML rich content emails for branded communications.

  • Communicate with your passengers in their chosen language
  • Store SMS and email templates in the library reuse.

Staff can view the flight status details of all delayed or cancelled flights without the need to go to a separate flight management system.

Review the flight event timeline and instantly understand how the delay on a specific flight progressed, any communications issued to passengers by flightbuddy, the reason for the delay.

Flightbuddy archives flight records for each day allow staff to easily search for a specific flight.

  • Access to flight and alert information from one system
  • Searchable flight data archive.

The reports section charts events over time highlighting exceptional events and showing the  trend over time.

Download the charts for management reporting or export the table to excel for further analysis.

Flightbuddy also supports specialist micro websites for staff excellence and special baggage requests, maintaining a web log of submissions.

  • Report on trends, weekly, quarterly, monthly
  • Export to excel.

Send alerts to duty managers and service handlers 10 minutes in advance of the passenger alerts at affected airports allowing them to prepare and manage a disruption.

  • Advanced SMS notice of delays/cancellations and diversions
  • Allows them prepare a response to the disruption.

Why Choose flightbuddy?

      • Comprehensive tool for managing customer service communications
      • Fully integrated with your booking engine and flight data
      • Multiligual templates
      • Combine booking and flight merge fields SMS, emails and PDFs
      • Competitive secure SMS and email rates

What Client’s Say

“Flightbuddy is a great product, it meets the very specific customer service requirements automating previously manual processes and tasks. The most important impact has been on our passengers, they now receive accurate and timely information. Sentient are a responsive and attentive to our changing needs and the support is excellent.”
Fiona Kearns, Ryanair
“My team use flighbuddy to manage day to day customer service communications with passengers, it is well designed and easy to use, the training requirements were minimal and the user interface intuitive.”
Fiona Kearns, Ryanair
“My team use the flightbuddy dashboard daily, at a glance we can see how the day is going , if we are hitting our punctuality targets and which airports are experiencing issues.”
Choorah Singe, Ryanair