Daily Telegraph 28 August 2014

In her second article exploring the reality of Ryanair’s increased focus on customer service, Lizzie Porter interviews Ken O’Shea, Flight Operations Control Manager and Caroline Green, Head of Customer Service. Both highlight the value of Flightbuddy in managing 300 aircraft and over 1,600 daily flights.

“Ken O’Shea, a flight operations control manager who has worked for Ryanair for 22 years, explains that they track the exact position of every aeroplane – whether on the ground or airborne – from this room. It’s also from here that the team liaise with air traffic controllers. He shows me FlightBuddy, a system that keeps track of flight punctuality, and the location of problems on the route network”

“Caroline is quick to point out that FlightBuddy also allows them to email or text passengers if flights are cancelled, with rebooking and refund options.”

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FlightBuddy software shows what percentage of departures and arrivals are on time. Photo: Lizzie Porter

“On the wall next to the map is projected what is essentially just a spreadsheet graph, showing departure and landing punctuality levels, and how many diversions have taken place – five in the past week, according to Ken. At the time of my visit, they are showing 97 per cent of planes are leaving on time, 98 per cent of them arriving when they should. Twenty-four planes are delayed, and there’s one diversion (the Valencia flight), but the boxes showing the statistics are still green. When they turn amber, they know there is a problem.”