News that the Irish Government is considering support for “some” international air routes which sounds comforting, but the plan unlocks a possible minefield. One question would be, does it comply with EU state aid.
Other governments have lent airlines cash, secured deficits, or even accepted equity, but not pledged support for distinctive passages.

Then we have the question of which routes the Government should back? Tánaiste Leo Varadkar had said that he was more worried about the future of some significant long-haul routes. He felt that numerous shorter services, specifically those between here and London, could rebound quickly.
Does this now mean that the Irish Government are thinking that the aid could be selective? If so this sounds a lot like our government instead of telling people not to fly to red countries instead, they will be telling airlines where it would like them to fly, should they want support.
If they are to limit any available aid to long-haul flights were does that leave the short-haul Airlines?