Flightbuddy at the New Airport Show Istanbul, from Taksim Square to the Bosphorus Strait, we had an amazing event and met with some of the world best Airlines.

New Airport Show Istanbul

We started the visit by landing in the new Istanbul International Airport and were immediately struck with a very impressive new building, large, easy to get around and a visually very nice place to spend some time in.
Once you head out of the airport into the surrounding area the first thing to hit you is the absolute beauty of Istanbul, its stunning place to drive through steeped in history. We were staying near Taksim Square and on arrival were immediately blown away with the sights, sounds and excellent food.

A must if visiting Istanbul is a river course on the Bosporus Strait, the strait separates Europe and Asia between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea.

Bosporus Strait Istanbul

At the New Airport show, we met a lot of very interesting Aviation representatives from the worlds Airlines. All had very similar problems in the IROPS space they needed to address in 2020.
Airlines needing to better serve passengers critical itinerary disruption information & advice, during & post disruption
They are very interested in information control to the airline staff & customers. Accurate appropriate information to their customers during and post disruption events.

Flightbuddy CEO Derek Corcoran speaking at the Istanbul New Airports Show 2019
Flightbuddy Thomas Dixon Istanbul New Airports Show 2019

The benefits flightbuddy brings is two-fold, to the airlines Passenger’s it allows one source of trusted information, regular clear and re-assuring information & advice. To the airline, it protects & strengthens customer relationships and enables efficient operational response and control for ops staff. Flightbuddy Co-ordinates with all critical information sources with live feeds to control communications as per rules & triggers, enables the airline’s customer service / Ground Ops and Flight Crew recover quickly during an IROPS situation & respond efficiently and clearly with accurate information.