New Disruption Regulations for Canadian Passengers 

Canada’s regulations which cover flights to and from or within Canada were entered in a two-stage deployment. 

The first of these regulations where the official Air Passenger Protection Regulations and came into effect in July 2019. The second regulation came into effect in December 2019. 

The regulations are to govern all flights to from and within Canada and applies to all carriers of any sizes. Here are some points you need to know about the new bill could affect your flight.

There are many exemptions for airlines meaning not all disruptions will be covered. 

In a statement,(link below) the Transport Minister Marc Garneau reminded travellers that new rules for delayed or cancelled flights will kick in on Sunday(December 15 2019).

The first set of passenger-rights rules were announced in July, and address issues like overbooking, tarmac delays and compensation for lost luggage.

The second set of rules under the new Air Passenger Protection Regulations deal with delayed and cancelled flights to, from or within Canada that are within their control and not related to safety.

All disruption payouts will be based on how the duration a passenger is delayed before arriving at their final destination. Large airlines, including Air Canada, WestJet, Air Transat and Sunwing, will have to pay a passenger $400 for delays between three and six hours and up to $1,000 if the flight is stalled more than nine hours.