Planes diverted as huge winds hit Ireland

DUBLIN Airport has been a victim to Storm Jorge with brutal winds of up to 90mph seeing a vast number of flights forced to divert.

One British Airways flight was shown on airline trackers to have made it from Heathrow to Dublin only to have to return to the London airport after two failed landings. Another flight from Ryanair was seen circling in the Irish Sea a number of times before seemingly giving up heading to Scotland.

An Aer Lingus A320 was seen on charts looping Dublin three times before heading to England.

Dublin Airport tweeted at 2.30pm: “Strong gusty winds may cause delays to the flight schedule this afternoon @DublinAirport.

“Please check latest flight information with your airline before travelling to the airport.

One responded: “Sitting on the runway for over an hour now. The app says we’ve departed for Gran Canaria. 

Storm Jorge is causing travel chaos across Ireland with flooding, heavy rain and gusts hitting 100mph. Rain has been falling as sleet or snow in places, especially in the midlands and north for a spell. It will make driving conditions very dangerous. The showers will be mix of rain, hail and sleet according to Met Eireann.

The strongest wind in the world today hit Ireland on the west coast at 102mph.

ESB Networks says there are around 1,000 homes, farms and businesses without power mainly on the west coast of Ireland.


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